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Hi, I’m Lindsey

I’m here to guide and support you through your unique transformation to becoming your best self. By working with your subconscious mind, I will help you uncover and remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and create new beliefs that align with the life of your dreams.

What Is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful hybrid method developed by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer, that quickly gets to the root cause of why we may feel stuck. It is a method that combines the most effective techniques from NLP, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, with the ability to powerfully and permanently transform lives.


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What People Are Saying

“Lindsey is a great therapist. She is kind, open and insightful and she has a gift for helping and healing others. I felt like I could tell her anything without feeling judged. I gained a lot of insight in my session and she helped me realize why I was so fearful of entering into a relationship. I especially loved her transformation recording! It made me feel so hopeful and positive. Thank you Lindsey for removing my relationship block!

Karen R
Spokane, WA

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